It’s the FINAL final countdown (hopefully for real this time)

Oh my, where to begin. I’ve been having a cold, and I’ve been waiting for the last of my tubes (ended up ruining too many to get the final couple of runs installed) but eventually, things are looking up. I’ve had a little test run with purified water, just to rule out any catastrophic fountain effects, I figured it would be safer to do that with pure water than with brightly coloured coolant, and it’s looking good. This also allowed me to boot the system, just to make sure that the graphics card survived the waterblock installation, which it has, and it also let me find out that one of the shops where I’ve bought my parts, sent me the wrong capacity M.2 SSD, so that’s being replaced. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the new NVMe based Samsung 950 Pro instead, which is black, and will match my colour scheme much better.

Things have been progressing really slowly because of little details things, which means that by now I’m getting really impatient. Fortunately I’ve been informed that my white sleeved CableMod PSU cables have been shipped, so they should arrive some time next week most likely. At that point, there won’t really be anything else missing, other than the replacement M.2 SSD, so I might actually consider installing Windows on the 1TB SATA drive temporarily, so that I can at least run some benchmarks and perhaps even do some overclocking.

To end this post, I thought I’d post the first “glamour shot” of the system with coolant.

The “Perfect Pink” pastel coolant from Mayhems really transforms the whole thing.
It’s the FINAL final countdown (hopefully for real this time)

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