Eurovision Song Contest

I’ve often watched the Eurovision Song Contest in years past, but this year I’m not. How come? Well, partly because I felt like doing other things, but most importantly, because ESC is something you can only watch in the company of other people. The show is really long, and some parts of it get a bit tedious. Some songs are instantly ‘meh next!’. And part of the fun, is enjoying it together with friends, so that you can discuss which songs you prefer, which ones you reckon will do best in the voting and why, and just chat about other stuff during the boring parts. The best way to enjoy Eurovision Song Contest, is to make your own scoring forms, stock up on beer and have your own little expert jury together with some friends. I did that a couple of years, together with two good friends. It was really good fun actually. This year however, I’m sitting at home, on my own, and so watching ESC doesn’t really work.

Instead, it allowed me to write this. And that’s almost as good, right?


Also gives me time for a 2nd workout today.

Happy Eurovision Song Contest everybody! 😉

Eurovision Song Contest